Former Zimbabwe longtime leader, Robert Mugabe died Thursday night in a clinic in Singapore where he was receiving treatment.

Mugabe, who died aged 95, ruled Zimbabwe for close to four decadesbefore being ousted in a military takeoverin November 2017.

Though initially admired as a hero of Africas independence struggle, his long rule descended into tyranny, corruption and incompetence, earning him international pariah status. His death prompted mixed reactions inZimbabwe, across Africa and around the world.

His final years in power were characterised by financial collapse, surges of violent intimidation and a vicious internal power struggle pitting his second wife Grace, 41 years younger than him, against Mnangagwa, his former right-hand man.

The rivalry was resolved when Mnangagwa, a Zanu-PF stalwart, took power when Mugabe reluctantly resigned after a military takeover. The news of his decisionprompted widespread rejoicing.